Alexander O Fiteni CMA

  • Project Manager - Experienced project manager with over 20 years developing and executing business software development and implementation projects in a wide variety of business, educational and government environments.
  • Designer/Architect - Extensive knowledge of a variety of software development methodologies including Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  • Regulatory Compliance and Globalization - Assisted clients in researching local compliance and globalization issues, and developing implementation strategies for back-office systems and IT infrastructures.
  • Indirect Tax Compliance - Contributed to international tax forums, customer workshops, panel discussions, and software product development.
  • Facilitator - Facilitated workshops with clients to develop software product strategies, business process change, and back-office systems implementation project plans.
  • Professional Accountant - Current member of the Society of Management Accountants of BC.
  • Lecturer - Lectured on Accounting Information Systems and Accounting for several years.
  • Trainer - Delivered custom training to clients on Oracle E-Business Suite modules, productivity tools.
  • Standards Bodies - Served on various standards bodies and contributed to Tax XML (OAGiS)

Sandra E Fiteni

  • Writer - Contributions to books and articles on a variety of subjects
  • Journalist - Investigated and published an expose of a major network marketing company
  • Advocate - successfully advocated government bureaucracies in Canada and the United States to reduce wait times for key documents, services and funding.

Associations and Alliances


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