Managing Risk, Leading Change

Our Mission

We help our clients to improve their return on investments in business applications technology and infrastructure.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a global perspective of the impacts of local regulatory requirements on their IT infrastructure and back-office systems, develop an IT investment strategy that assures a compliance ethic is built into IT projects while providing feedback on compliance risks and their mitigation.

Our expertise in business systems implementations, especially project management and applications configuration optimization has helped our clients to meet their fiduciary, indirect tax compliance and internal control requirements. We have completed projects successfully in a wide variety of business sectors, the not-for-profit sector, and with government agencies.

Our focus on client needs is designed to ensure that an organization’s best business practices in Finance, Accounting and Cash Management, Audit and Internal Control, Supply Chain and Procurement, Fulfillment and CRM are optimally configured in the Oracle E-Business Suite.

Our experienced staff provide key insights into the business systems industry from a number of perspectives through their blogs.

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